NINA & FREDERIK Company/Label: Metronome Records, France MM 32001S
Side I:
1. Pourquoi j`aime Paris
2. Tu m`assauvè (You saved the day)
3. Dans un coquillage (Listen to the ocean) new version!
4. Mes enfants de toi *
5. Tant que L`amour est la (Dawn)
6. Chut! Mon petit *
Side II.:
1. In the land of Odin
2. It`s not just any kind of day
3. Elizabeth I & II4. Pretty colours
5. The many faces of love
6. Lonely Sunday
Arranger/Conducter: All titles, unless market with *, arranged & conducted by Syd Dale* arr. & cond. By Jean Claudric
Lansdown Studios, London, exept the market * titles
Rec. Date: 1966-67
Producer: Klaus Lorenzen & Frank Powis, exept the market Titles*
MEMO: Based on the main production-idea of the international album "Dawn". "Pourquoi j`aime Paris" was original recorded in french and produced by Powis&Lorenzen