Artist: NINA & FREDERIKAlbum: "Lovers of the world unite" Company/Label: ATCO Records, USA, SD 33-217US-release!
Side I:
1) Lovers of the world unite
2) It`s not just any kind of day
3) The many faces of love
4) What a pretty color
5) Dawn
6) You saved the day
Side II:
1) Summer Love
2) Elizabeth and Richard 1 & 2
(Elizabeth 1 & 2)
3) Magic Book
4) Just like a Rose
5) Pourquoi j`aime Paris
6) Only when I`m lonely am I free
Arranger/Conducter: Syd Dale
Lansdowne Studios, London
Rec.-Date: 1967
Klaus Lorenzen & Frank Powis
Identical with the album "Dawn" in Europe.
Only the titles "In the land of Odin" and "Lonely Sunday are missing.